Windsor Walks


Windsor Walks:

Building Community Bridges

Working with the talented staff of the Windsor Historical Society, students in my Pre-AP Art classes are given the opportunity to view their hometown from a new perspective thanks to a guided historic walking tour. Throughout the semester they then work with local artists to learn about inspirational sources and develop their own artwork using imagery they collected on that initial walk. The finished work becomes part of an exhibition intended to bridge generational gaps in the community. The group is posed the question: How does experience influence interpretation? From here, they each develop unique works of art that are all based on their common experience of this walk but diversified by their own individual perspectives. The Historical Society generously donates their meeting room as a main gallery space for the final exhibit where students then have the opportunity to lead tours of the artwork to local seniors, sparking discussions of how both generations have been shaped by these common spaces.

Use the below links to view the students' written statements and artwork from the exhibits:

Building Bridges 2012

Building Bridges 2013

Building Bridges 2014

Layers of Home 2016

Layers of Home 2017

Marjorie Albano Renno/Silver Magpie Studio 2012 - 2017